Daito Ryu Aiki JuJitsu was founded by Minamoto Yoshimitsu in the 12th century AD during the Kamakura (feudal) period in Japan. The art was practiced by samurai of the Minamoto clan for several centuries before being inherited by the Takeda family, part of the military clan of the Aizu.

Once a secret art, passed on generation to generation through the Takeda clan, the system of Daito Ryu Aiki JuJitsu was revived in the late 19th century by Sogaku Takeda, 32nd in line of the Takeda family.

Sogaku Takeda passed on all of the transmission scrolls and the mantle of leadership to Kodo Horikawa. The Emperor conferred upon Kodo Horikawa the title of Meijin (Grandmaster) – the first time in 300 years. From Horikawa, the leadership was passed down to Yusuke Inoue, the present Menkyo Kaiden, whose headquarters are in Kitami, Japan.


Goldberg Sensei trained in Miyama Ryu JuJitsu under its originator Shihan A. Pereira for eight years. Miyama Ryu is an eclectic system of JuJitsu based on Takenouchi Ryu, Sosuishitsu JuJitsu, Judo and Aikido. Goldberg Sensei has studied Aikido at the United Stated Federation Headquarters under the direction of Yamada Sensei and his senior students.

Goldberg Sensei currently studies under the tutelage of Hayawo Kiyama Shihan. Kiyama Sensei is the North American President and Chief United States Instructor of Daito Ryu Aiki JuJitsu Kodo Kai.


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Kim Studio The martial arts school, or dojo, provides an atmospher where cooperation and camaraderie can flourish.

A good martial arts studio is never just a business. The development of the individual, both mentally and physically, are the most important functions of the studio. 

Kim Studio® was founded in 1964 by Grand Master Ki Whang Kim. Master Kim's intention was to teach and make good, well rounded martial artists, not just money.

Today, over 50 years later, our goal remains the same: to develop the individual into the best martial artist he or she can be.

Black Belt Test August 18, 2012

KIM STUDIO Celebrating 50 Years!

Kim Studio originally opened its doors in 1964 50 years ago. Very few martial arts schools in the United States have enjoyed the same longevity but we are still going strong! This weekend (August 15-17) we will be celebrating our 50th year with a weekend of black belt testing and promotions.

All events on Saturday and Sunday are by invitation only.
Please speak with Grandmaster Roberts if you have any questions.

On Friday night, Grandmaster will test candidates for 1st brown and conduct part of the test for the 1st dan candidates. All Kim Studio students and instructors are welcome to come on Friday night (no children please unless they are testing). If you wish to watch the exam on Friday, please be at the dojo and dressed out by 7:30 pm.

Good luck to everyone who is testing!

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